About Us


Our Experience

At the core of every service we provide is a  business solution. Our information technology and business consultancy services  provide our clients the tools and experience to become better organized, more  productive, secure, and more profitable.

Qubelogic was founded in 1998 by Robert Hughes. His vision  of creating a company where innovation and creativity could flourish while  adhering to proven engineering methods has helped QubeLogic to become a leading  IT company in the southeastern United States. 


Our Approach

it's not magic, just dedicated  talent.


Why Us?

Our focus on delivering exceptional customer service is followed  by a dedication to education and certification. Every team member is continually  challenged to become better – both professionally and personally. This has  created a corporate culture that is innovative, collaborative, and motivated.  

With hundreds of satisfied customers and projects,  QubeLogic continues to grow and attract the best talent in our industry. Our  senior staff averages nearly 20+ years' experience and are driven by a  dedication to their trade and a priority on the needs of our customers. It is  this focus on customer service that differentiates us from other software  companies.

Our slogan, "Get it done, Get it done right, and Get it done on time.  Or don't do it at all."