E-Commerce Solutions

The way goods and services are merchandised, how they are presented online.

Their availability and price can make or break any e-retailer. Unlike a  traditional bricks-and-mortar environment where an unsatisfied customer lacks  immediate access to competing stores, competitors are just a click away in an  online environment. 

In 2007, consumers spent 136.4 billion online at U.S. based-  e-commerce sites – a 19% increase from the year before. Creating an online store  entails a large amount of planning and research – plus a good marketing plan. At  QubeLogic, we understand what it takes to sell products and services online.  From design to marketing, we can provide your business with a solid platform  from which to grow. 

Shopping Cart A shopping cart refers to the software that  powers your e-commerce website. This software can be custom made for highly  specific applications. More commonly, it is an off-the-shelf software  application that can customized to the look and feel your business requires. 

It  also reduces the overall cost of an e-commerce site. We have experience with  different shopping carts so that we can provide the proper solution for your  business. Accepting Payments Online In order to have a true e-commerce solution,  your business will need to have the ability to accept real-time credit card  payments. For this to happen, you will need a merchant account and a payment  processor. 

QubeLogic partners with e-Online Data to provide a seamless  transaction payment process using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or  Discover credit cards. In addition, you might choose to accept PayPal and Google  Checkout payments. 

Website Security In a recent survey, 75% of online shoppers  surveyed said they have abandoned a retail site due to security concerns.  QubeLogic recognizes that your e-commerce website demands a high level of  security to ensure that your customers’ privacy and data are protected. We  partner with GeoTrust and secure every e-commerce website with an SSL  certificate with 256-bit encryption, one of the strongest in the industry.  Design Your online store should be attractive, yet easy for customers to find  what they are looking for. 

Our professional designers will create an original  design tailored to your business and marketing plans. Every site we design is  optimized for search engines and usability. From custom graphics and motion to  copy writing, QubeLogic has it covered. Online Marketing Promoting your site on  the Web can be complex and expensive, but you can’t afford not to advertise your  site in the search engines. “Pay per click” advertising allows businesses to  advertise on search engines but only pay for those leads that click through to  their website. These ads are generally displayed on search engine results pages  at the top and sides while the organic results are displayed in the main body of  the page. Setting up a PPC advertising campaign requires a significant  investment in time along with frequent monitoring. That’s where QubeLogic can  help. 

Using the latest technologies, we will work with you one-on-one to tailor  a custom plan to reach your target customers. We’ll also provide you with the  tools to track your campaign’s success. E-Mail Marketing Stay in front of your  customers through targeted email marketing campaigns. QubeLogic can design and  mange marketing campaigns that drive business through your website by delivering  targeted promotions to your existing customers while enabling viral distribution  to new customers. 

Custom Software & Integration Each business is different  and has different requirements for their online endeavor and QubeLogic is fully  equipped to handle any challenge your business encounters. Our team of software  engineers create the custom software applications that your business requires.  Need to integrate your e-commerce website with your QuickBooks or Dynamics/Great  Plains accounting software? QubeLogic is a solution provider for Intuit as well  as a Microsoft Partner. Ready to start selling online? Call us today to find out  how QubeLogic can help.