Microsoft Solutions Development

QubeLogic is a Microsoft Partner.

As a  Partner, QubeLogic represents the highest level of competence and expertise with  Microsoft technologies, and has the closest working relationship with  Microsoft.

Every Partner has demonstrated the ability to successfully  deliver an extensive range of learning services—including Microsoft .NET  development and IT infrastructure training at the enterprise level.

Best  of all, Partners have the experience necessary to meet your exact business  needs.

QubeLogic currently holds certifications in the following areas of  expertise:  

  • Business Process and Integration Expertise in the design, deployment, and  customization of business-process-management solutions based on Microsoft  technologies
  • Custom Development Solutions Expertise in designing and deploying  custom-developed solutions
  • Mobility Solutions Helping customers access information on the go, and  increase their productivity and responsiveness while reducing costs
  • Data Management Solutions Specializing in business intelligence and database  applications
  • Security Solutions Designing, deploying, or customizing security or identity  and access solutions